Volunteer Opportunities

Many people have asked if they can be involved in this project. The Things We Don’t Say: An Anthology of Chronic Illness Truths has a lot of meaning to many people and they want to help bring it to publication. They also know that the creator of this book (me) is a single person, who herself has chronic illness, and who can use some help to pull it off. If you would like to be one of the folks who volunteers to help with the anthology, please check out the different volunteer opportunities and then fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest!


Do you love to read? Do you regularly catch mistakes in books and articles? If you have a good eye for detail and good knowledge of spelling and grammar, I would love your help with proofreading. At this stage all of the editing will be complete and I will only be looking to correct any errors, including mistakes in spelling, spacing errors, punctuation errors, formatting inconsistencies, etc. You will let me know how many pages you are comfortable proofreading and I will then send you that portion of the book.

Please note that this is not the best way to read an advance copy of this book. If you are looking to read an advance copy, please sign up to provide a review.

Putting together the index

Do you have a great eye for detail? Do you love organizing and reading? If so, this could be the job for you. I will provide a list of criteria for the index, such as names of medical conditions, symptoms, and thematic elements that I want to include in the index. I am looking for volunteers to read a portion of the book (you will let me know how big a portion you want to read) and note which pages contain the items that will be included in the index.

Cover design

Are you a professional graphic designer of book covers? If so, I could use your help! This book needs a cover, and I would love to work with someone who is a part of or involved in the chronic illness community.

Official Social Media Cheerleader

If you love social media then I really need your help. As the book approaches publication, you will be part of a team that promotes the book online through your social media accounts. I will give you important information such as publication dates, advance freebies, early bird discounts, and more, which you will post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and/or any other social media platforms that you’re on. It will be your job to get people excited about the anthology before and after publication.

Find guest gigs

My goal is to get as many people as possible to understand chronic illness by reading the anthology or listening to the audiobook. In order for that to happen, they must know that it exists. A good way to do that is for me to write guest posts on blogs and to be a guest on podcasts. I have done both of these in the past for other projects. Your job would be to contact bloggers and podcasters using the criteria I give you, and to ask if I could be a guest blogger or speaker for them.

Write a review

All books need reviews, and this anthology is no exception. I am looking for volunteers to read a free advance copy of the book and to then write up a short review of 3-5 sentences. I may put your review on this website or in other locations. If you choose to also leave your review on your social media accounts, your blog, where your purchase the book, or elsewhere, that would also be excellent. Advance copies of the book will be available in December 2019.