Free and Inexpensive Book Options

It is a fact that many people with chronic illnesses face financial difficulties. I do not believe that they, or others with financial difficulties, are any less deserving of the chance to read books than those with more financial resources. Therefore, I want to be sure you have the chance to read this book, no matter your money situation. Here are a few ways to do so for little or no money:

    1. Reach out to your local library. Often the library will purchase a book that their patrons request. Some libraries have online forms that you can fill out. Others will ask you to call them.
    2. Borrow a copy. If a family member, friend, or acquaintance has read The Things We Don’t Say, ask if you can borrow their copy.
    3. Sign up for the book’s email list at You will be notified when free videos become available of each personal essay being read. You will also find out about special deals for the upcoming audiobook.
    4. Enter your email address below. From time to time the ebook will be free or nearly free (perhaps only $1) and I will let you know when this happens. The low prices won’t last long so when you receive the email, be sure to get your copy of the book quickly. This will also add you to the main email list for The Things We Don’t Say so that you don’t have to sign up twice.